GeoMax Zeta125 Standard Pipelaser

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Zeta125: GeoMax Zeta 125
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Maximum Productivity - Maximum Robustness - Maximum Flexibility

The GeoMax Zeta125's fast self-levelling, automatic alignment and cross axis compensation aid maximum productivity. Its robustness, including IP68 submerge proof rating a full metal housing also means the Zeta125 is ready for all site conditions and challenges. The Zeta125 can be used in 125mm (5") diameter pipes has long range distance remote control, versatile charging options plus a wide range of accessories.

There are two versions of the GeoMax Zeta125 Pipelaser - the standard Zeta125 and the Zeta125S auto alignment.

Features of the Standard Zeta125

  • Fast self-levelling
  • Cross axis compensation
  • IP68 submerge proof
  • Full metal housing
  • Long range remote control
  • Safe and versatile charging options


 Self-levelling range +45% to -15%        
Grade range +40% to -10%
Grade display (dec. pl.) 0.001%
Accuracy +/-5mm at 100m (+/- .005%)
Beam type/Output Visible red laser; 635nm; Class 3R
Protection class IP68
Power supply

Rechargeable lithium ion battery pack

110/230V AC convertor (charge & run same time)

12V power cord

Battery life

40hr Li-Ion battery

Remote control range

190m through pipe, 7.6m from rear

 What's included

Zeta125 Pipelaser (829478)

  Universal target (821877)

 Li-Ion battery

 International charger

  Remote control

 Leg set (150mmx4)

 User manual

 Carry case


  Click here to view -  GeoMax Zeta125 Series Pipelaser Brochure

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