Wireless Dynamic Displacement Sensor

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The Dynamic Displacement Sensor is a wireless device that remotely monitors the dynamic displacement and the frequencies of infrastructures.

The dynamic displacement measures the quick displacement of a structure due to dynamic forces, during events such as strong winds, machinery operation, heavy traffic or earthquakes, and it is typically represented as a distance in millimetres (mm). The frequencies measure the rate at which a structure vibrates or oscillates when subjected to dynamic forces, and they are expressed in Hertz (Hz).

The data collected is visible via Move Solutions IoT Platform, where each sensor can also be configured, allowing users to remotely set and change specific thresholds according to their needs. When the amplitude surpasses this threshold, the sensor records and transmits vital information, covering the 10 seconds leading up to the event and 20 seconds thereafter. This comprehensive dataset is essential for in-depth analysis.

Key Parameters:

  • Wireless dynamic displacement sensor
  • Remote monitoring
  • Uniaxial measurements parallel to the gravitational axis (Z) or to the perpendicular axis (X or Y)
  • Integrated temperature sensor
  • Extremely easy installation
  • Ultra low noise performance
  • Resolution of 0.012mm, 0.024mm;
  • Shift accuracy of ±0,01 mm
  • Range of ± 1.5 mm, ± 3mm
  • Built-in long-life battery
  • Waterproof rating IP67
    IP rating IP67
    Batteries 2 LiSOCl2 batteries (suggested: EVE ER34615PHR4)
    Battery Connector JST PHR-4
    Radio Coverage 1 km in line of sight with gateway
    Maximum radiated power < +16 dBm
    Transmission Frequency 868 MHz in EU and UK,

    902 MHZ in US and Canada


    Orientation Horizontal (code DECK002-H)
    Vertical (code DECK002-V)
    Displacement range ± 1.5 mm, ± 3mm
    Displacement resolution 0.012 mm (range ± 1.5 mm), 0.024 mm (range ± 3mm)
    Sampling frequency 50 Hz
    Number of samples for each acquisition 1600
    Acquisition duration 32 seconds per event (12 seconds before trigger and 20 seconds after trigger)
    Bandwidth (-3dB) 0.7 – 15 Hz
    Temperature accuracy 0,5°C
    Temperature Resolution 0,125°C
    Battery life 2 years with 5 events acquired every hour

    Installation options Wall mount, ceiling mount, floor mount
    Installation mode 2x mounting screw and anchors
    Dimensions (with plate and antenna) 165 x 97 x 145 mm
    Weight 1.7 Kg



    Deck data sheer

    * Wireless coverage of the device may vary depending on the scenario.

    * Battery life may shorten when operating in extreme temperatures.

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