EziCAT i550 50Hz Cable & Pipe Locator with Depth Estimation

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Main Benefits

  • Automatic pinpointing
  • Depth Estimation

As with all GeoMax cable locators the EZiCAT i550 is robust and easy to use. Packed full of all the well-known, beneficial features included in the EZiCAT i500 but with the additional benefit of depth estimation. The EZiCAT i550 makes avoiding and locating buried utilities an easy and efficient task. It's simple to operate, so you can just press the trigger and start locating.

The UK Network Rail approved cable locator is suitable for a wide range of applications and can be used with the EZiTEX signal transmitters and EZiSYSTEM accessories for increased accuracy and applications.


The EZiCAT i550 is ideal to use before any excavation work to avoid striking a buried utility, especially if you need an estimation of the depth of a utility. This locator will increase your on-site safety, save you time, through the unique 'Automatic Pinpointing' feature, and save you money by reducing cable strikes.

You can use the locator to detect a number of different cables or pipes:

  • Electricity cables
  • Data / telecomms cables
  • Conductive pipes (including; steel, cast iron etc.)
  • Non-conductive pipes or cables (including; clay, concrete etc.) when used in conjunction with GeoMax Cable Detection's accessories and/or EZiTEX signal transmitter to detect them.

Please Note: If you need an estimation of the depth of a utility you will need to use the EZiCAT i550 in conjunction with one of the EZiTEX signal transmitters. 

EZiCAT i550 Intelligent Features

All the EZiCAT locators come with the unique 'Automatic Pinpointing' feature which makes locating buried cables and pipes easy and simple. You don't need to manually adjust the sensitivity of the locator because the intelligent locator does this for you. Ensuring that you are using the optimum sensitivity for the environment you are locating in.

The EZiCAT i550 has all the well-known features you need to locate buried utilities effectively.


  • Power (default mode)
  • Radio
  • Auto
  • 8kHz
  • 33kHz
  • Hazard Zone
  • Pinpoint Assist
  • Signal Service Indicator
  • Built-In Self Test
  • Service Due Indicator

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