GeoMax Zenith 06 Smart Antenna


Package: Zenith06 Only (No Tablet)
Network Licence: None
Sale price£4,495 GBP


A simple GNSS rover that will give you more flexibility, and save more time and money.

When you need accurate results without having to invest in expensive and complex equipment? GeoMax has a solution: the Zenith06 smart antenna can be used with both X-PAD Go & X-PAD Ultimate software. This simple rover and intuitive software eliminate the need for extensive training to produce reliable outcomes. The software has an intuitive workflow, developed side by side with the customer, which allows for quick familiarisation. With its compact, lightweight design, the Zenith06 is easy to carry in the field.

Renowned partners

Experience increased productivity and reduced failure rates thanks to the power of Hexagon’s cutting-edge technology and the partnership with high-quality brands like SATEL and NovAtel.

Affordable price

Providing top-performing technology at an affordable price, the Zenith16 GNSS receiver convinces with a remarkable performance ratio.

Open, flexible configuration

The Zenith Manager, a stand-alone application available for Windows® and Android™ operating systems, lets you configure your receiver without using the field controller.

Seamlessly integrated into your workflow

GeoMax's intuitive field software, X-PAD Ultimate, delivers a perfect balance of efficient workflows and functionality that gets results. Close cooperation with our customers keeps X-PAD Ultimate relevant, productive and up-to-date.

The GeoMax software offering is made complete with X-PAD Fusion. X-PAD Fusion has the versatility and flexibility to fuse all data types from both GeoMax sensors and other 3rd party sources such as drones.

 Zenith06 Datasheet

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