GeoMax Zenith35 Pro GNSS Kit

Zenith35 Pro Rover Set: GSM/UHF
Controller: None
Sale price£9,350 GBP


The Zenith35 Pro GNSS receiver with 555 channels and NovAtel technology offers a full spectrum of satellite signals, full connectivity and the unique Tilt&Go functionality (optional).

Tlit&Go (Optional) means full freedom. A corner of a building even a gully under a parked car - the unique Zenith35 Pro Tilt&Go allows you to measure points where a vertical placement of the pole is not possible such as house corners.

  • TAG Single - for highest efficiency. Measure up to 15deg with only one press of a button.
  • TAG Dual - under difficult situations. Avoid discrepancies caused by metal objects (or those generating magnetic fields) with pole tilt up to 30deg.

The Zenith35 Pro TAG will alert you when you are outside the defined centring accuracy, and document the quality of the measurement.

Comprehensive Satellite Tracking

  • 555 channels multi constellation and multi frequency future proofed incl. Galileo & BeiDou
  • Novatel onboard - cutting edge technology, high precision
  • ExtraSafe mode - working under heavy canopy or for most reliable results, adapts to different working conditions
  • 20Hz position output default

Full Connectivity

  • Access from any device connected to the internet, independent of location
  • Connect up to 10 Rovers simultaneously via GSM Pro DynDNS technology
  • Bluetooth and WiFi
  • 3.75 G GSM for NTRIP connections
  • Powerful UHF for base/rover set-up
  • USB port for data transfer
  • Serial port for data output

Buying Options

The Zenith35 Pro comes in two options GSM/UHF or GSM/UHW with Tilt And Go.

You can also purchase the Zenith 35 Pro on its on and use your own controller or purchase it with one of our tablet options. Please see details below for what is included with each tablet option.

Mesa3 Tablet with X-Pad Software

  • Mesa 3 Android GEO/Cell 2MP Front/16MP Rear Cameras Integrated GNSS receiver & antenna Integrated 4G LTE Modem
  • System Includes: Mesa 3 Tablet with orange corner bumpers Removable Lithium-Ion Battery AC Wall Charger with International Plug kit Adjustable Hand Strap Capacitive Fine Tip Stylus w/ Tether Quick Start Guide BT v5.0 +EDR, BLE Support / WiFi 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac 2.4GHz & 5GHz Integrated GNSS receiver & antenna 4G LTE multi-carrier capable
  • Mesa 3 Pole Mount & Clamp Assembly (Nestlé)
  • X-Pad Ultimate Survey GNSS
  • X-PAD Ultimate Survey GIS
  • Geomax ZPC200 Telescopic Carbon/Alum Pole - 2.5m

Zenius800 Tablet with X-Pad Software

  • GeoMax Zenius800 Android Tablet (EU). 8" screen, 4 GB RAM, 32GB Flash, WiFi, Bluetooth, USB-C plug, MicroSD card slot, 13 MPix Camera with flash , 5 MPix Camera front, 4G LTE module, GPS,BDS,GLONASS, IP67 environmental protection. Includes 1 Li-Ion battery, 1 USB-C charging cable with EU/UK/US/AUS power adapter, and Quick Guide
  • ZHR800 Pole Holder Kit for Zenius800 Tablet on telescopic pole
  • X-Pad Ultimate Survey GNSS
  • X-PAD Ultimate Survey GIS
  • Geomax ZPC200 Telescopic Carbon/Alum Pole - 2.5m



   Click here to view -  GeoMax Zenith35 Pro GNSS Brochure


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