Leica DSX utility detection solution


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For utility repair and maintenance, civil engineering and surveying companies, the Leica DSX utility detection solution, consisting of a portable hardware with intuitive software allows to easily locate, visualise and map utilities. Unlike any other ground penetrating radar (GPR) system, the Leica DSX maximises productivity with cutting-edge software that automates data analysis and creates a 3D utility map on the field.

Set Up Job / Quick Scan

  • Set the grid size according to your job’s need or start Quick Scan
  • Add different background layers, such as Google Maps or DXF/DWG

Data acquisition

  • See your scanning path and positioning accuracy in real-time for guidance
  • Set point of interests, such as manholes, lamp posts or hydrants

Visualise data

  • See utilities in 2D and 3D
  • Measure point to point distance
  • Identify and mark ground anomalies, objects and features using B-scan view
  • Let software lead you to the required utility

Export data

  • Export utilities directly to the Leica MC1 machine control software
  • Customise and create PDF reports for documentation
  • Export in DXF, DWG and SHP format



  • Central Frequency – 600 MHz
  • Detection Depth – Up to 2m / 6.56ft
  • Acquisition Speed Up –  to 7km/h or 4.3mph
  • Scan Interval – 0.50m / 18in
  • Positioning 2 encoders on wheels; GNSS antenna integration (Surveyor kit only)
  • Environmental – IP65
  • Battery Li-ion 14.8V / 5800mAh up to 8 hours operating time
  • Operating Temperature –10°C to +40°C / 14°F to 104°F
  • Warranty 2 years 

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