GeoMax Zone80 DG
Dual Grade Laser

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The Zone80 DG is the rotating laser of choice when it comes to land levelling tasks - not only in construction but also agriculture. It is key for long distance applications as well as machine guidance, as it runs on different head speeds, including 20rps (rotation per second). Zone80 DG provides this rotation speed allowing a faultless read out of values by the receiver that is mounted on the machine. The best thing – the laser rotator offers all those features at an affordable cost.

Beam catch and lock

Using the ZRD105B receiver the laser beam can be tilted to the desired slope thanks to its beam catch functionality. With the beam lock feature your laser is monitored and will alarm you as soon as it has been moved.

Fully automatic in both axis

The Zoom80 DG is fully automatic and enables you to complete your grading tasks easily and accurately. For optimal land use, Zone80 DG provides references for the horizontal planes as well for slopes in both axis up to 15 %.

Technical Specification:

  Operating range (diameter)   1100m/3000ft
  Self-levelling accuracy   +/-1.5mm at 30m (+/-1/16" at 100ft)
  Self-levelling range   +/- 5 deg
  Grade range   up to 15%
  Rotation speed   300, 600, 1200 rpm
  Laser diode type/class   635 nm (visible)/class 2
  Batteries type   Li-Ion
  Battery life   >50hr
  Operating temperature   -20degC to 50degC
  Storage temperature   -40degC to 70degC
  Protection   IP67



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